Research Interests

Evis is a composer who is acutely interested in timbral matters. Most of his works explore the relationship between timbre and harmony and the development of instrumental characteristics into musical substance, frequently using unorthodox methods of playing musical instruments to create unusual musical landscapes. 

He often makes use of new technology to assist the compositional process by employing a variety of tools to analyze, categorize and structure sounds. A precise chronotopological positioning of every gesture, aided by technology characterizes many of his works, which are highly virtuosic in nature.

The composer is also interested in the research and transformation of traditional performance practice techniques into concrete musical material, giving new meaning to musical objects by building upon their traditional representations. Creating a context where extended instrumental and vocal techniques (as well as sounds traditionally associated as non-musical) are naturally fused with more traditional features of expression is central to his aesthetic. Through his creative oeuvre, the composer aims to find common ground for the symbiosis of traditionally western classical music features and non-traditional western features that exist in the music of his home country. 

Other research interests include interdisciplinary collaborations, documentation and examination of the creative relationship between performer and composer and contemporary guitar repertoire examined both from a performer's and a composer's perspective, with a planned series of guitar studies in progress.  A recent example is the composer's collaboration with violinist  Peter Sheppard Skaerved, who kept a detailed blog / diary of this collaboration, documenting the precomposition seeds, the prototypes for a new composition (Nicosia Concerto, a concerto for violin and large ensemble). In these notes, one can find the first layers that will give this new piece its timbre, formal profile and sound palette.

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Examples of the creation of new bows, working with Peter Sheppard Skaerved and Timothy Hsu